About Birthright

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Discipline where discipline is needed

We are masters that love to tell digital stories, and we have the technical skills to back it. Nothing excites us more than helping you tell your story to its fullest potential. BIRTHRIGHT was formed by two young creatives, namely, Mr Pule Mohlapholi and Mrs Lillian Mohlapholi. Birthright is not just a brand but it is our legacy. It is very evident that we are a pair of passionate creatives who are majestic at what we do, because we ensure that we hold no punches at all when it comes to design.

We give our utmost best and maintain all our client relationships with great respect. We know you have many choices when selecting a design and animation company. There’s really more to it than just the service when selecting. Choose us for the overall value we provide. Our business value gives you more than technological content, it provides you a true “Creative Business Partner” which is why our customers continue doing business with us for extended periods of time. We believe the main ingredients to a valuable relationship is quality, Time management and cost efficiency, flexibility and transparency. Understanding your business is our priority.